Zhicong Chen

SDE II at Amazon

I am a software development engineer who has a solid engineering background. I got my bachelor's degree in Automation Engineering in China and my master's degree in science in the United States, with a concentration in Computer Engineering and Machine Learning. Then I worked in Boston area for couples of years.

I moved to China on July 2016 and working as an SDE II at Amazon China "Kindle for China" team. I am open to new opportunities and new fields. After working on client side for couples of years, I'd like to participate more works on services and/or Machine Learning.
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  • Insist on writing high quality code
  • Successfully working on different cultures
  • Building engineering culture and sharing knowledge accross teams

Programming Languages: I am not limited to a particular programming language, but I am mainly writing code with C++ & Java. I also use script languages like Python and Bash to write small tools.
Speaking Languages: Chinese (Native), English (Full professional proficiency)
Machine Learning: My master's project: Parent-Child Kinship Verification Throught Transfer Subspace Learning
Image Processing: I worked on image processing during my undergraduate study focused on object tracking and facial image processing during my graduate study.


Beijing, China

Amazon China

SDE II, "Kindle for China" team


Cambridge, MA, USA

Audible (an Amazon company)

SDE, "Fire" (tablet) team


Boston, MA, USA

Northeastern University

Back to school to finish my master's project


Natick, MA, USA


Intern, Solver and Execution group


Boston, MA, USA

Northeastern University

Graduate student

What am I doing?

Java Kindle X MIGU, a new Kindle device which was announced on 06/27/2017 and will be on street on 07/10/2017. Most people say it is just a low-end Kindle with an entry to MIGU book store. Let's wait for it to be delivered to customer and see what's changed.
Java Android/FOS Working in Kindle for China team which develops China marketplace specific features for Kindle app on Android devices. Also contribute to common code of Kindle for android/Fire OS.

What did I do?

Java Android/FOS Worked on "Audiobooks" feature on Amazon fire devices. Participated in the refactory work of "Audiobooks" on FireOS devices. Also one of the contributor to common code library shared by all Auidlbe Android apps.
C++ Python Matlab Machine Learning My master project of my graduate study. I mainly studied applying transfer learning and supspace learning on kinship verification.
C++ I worked as an intern for more than 6 months at Mathwork, Inc. I was in Solver and Execution Group in CDA department worked on the development of Simulink. Thus if you use Simulink or Matlab, you may run my code.